IGNOU B.Tech. in Aerospace Engineering (BTAE) Admission Eligibility

IGNOU B.Tech. in Aerospace Engineering (BTAE) Admission Eligibility

You can get the Prospectus from the Registrar (SR&E), IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110068 and from Regional Centres, Study Centres, and IGNOU ARMY, NAVY, AIR FORCE AND ASSAM RIFLES Recognised Regional Centres. or you can Click here for Common Prospectus to know more details about the course.


Eligibility : 10 + 2 in Science stream or higher –with min 55 percent marks in PCM aggregate. (Students with B, Sc. or diploma holders also can be admitted in the first year. For SC/ST/OBC the admission criteria is 50 percent marks in PCM in 10 + 2 in science stream.


Course Fee: Rs. 60,000



(a) Registration Fee: A student has to pay Registration fee of Rs.10000/- while applying for the course. This fee is payable only in the first year for students seeking admission to the first year on the basis of 10+2.

(b) Course Fee:  A student has to pay Rs.60000/-towrds tuition fee for each year. The fees of Rs.60,000/- will be paid in advance before the start of the academic year.


Minimum Duration: 4 Years
Maximum Duration: 8 Years


Minimum Age: No bar
Maximum Age: No bar


Courses :

First Month

CourseCodeCourse NameCredits
 ET-101 A Mathematics-I 4
 BME 016 Engineering Mechanics 4
 BAS-001 Applied Physics 4
 BAS-002 Applied Chemistry 4
 BAS-003 Technical Writing & Communication Skill 4
 BASL-001 Lab-1 (Applied Science Lab for Physics & Chemistry) 3
 BASL-002 Lab-2 (Applied Mechanics) 3

Second Month

CourseCodeCourse NameCredits
 ET-101 B Mathematics-II 4
 BAS-004 Workshop Technology 4
 BAS-005 Engineering Drawing 4
 BME 021 Principles of Electrical and Electronic Science 4
 BAS-006 Computer Fundamentals 4
 BASL-003 Lab-3 (Workshop Practical) 3
 BASL-004 Lab-4 (Engineering Drawing) 3
 BASL-005 Lab-5 (Electrical & Electronics) 3
 BASL-006 Lab-6 (Computer Fundamentals) 3

Third Month

CourseCodeCourse NameCredits
 ET-201 A Mechanics of Fluid 4
 BAS-007 CNS- ATM Systems 4
 BAS-008 Strength of Materials 4
 BME 018 Material Science 4
 BAS-009 Introduction to Aeronautics 4
 BASL-007 Lab-7 (CNS- ATM systems) 3
 ET-574 Lab-08 (Fluid Mechanics) 3
 BASL-009 Lab-09 (Aero-Modeling) 3
 BASL-010 Lab-10 (Material Science) 3

Fourth Month

CourseCodeCourse NameCredits
 BAS-010 Machine Design 4
 ET-201 B Thermodynamics 4
 BAS-011 Aircraft Systems & Airworthiness Requirements 4
 BAS-012 Aerodynamics-I 4
 BAS-013 Propulsion -1 4
 BASL-011 Lab-11 (Thermodynamic) 2
 BASL-012 Lab-12 (Aerodynamics Lab) 3
 BASL-013 Lab-13 (Machine Design) 2
 BASL-014 Industrial Training of 3 weeks during vacation 4

Fifth Month

CourseCodeCourse NameCredits
 ET-102 Mathematics -III 4
 BAS-014 Aircraft Structures 4
 BAS-015 Aerodynamics- II 4
 BAS-016 Propulsion -II 4
 BAS-017 Flight Mechanics 4
 BASL-015 Lab-14 (Propulsion -II) 3
 BASL-016 Lab-15 (Aerodynamics- II) 3
 BASL-017 Lab-16 (Aircraft Structures) 3

Sixth Month

CourseCodeCourse NameCredits
 ET-524 A Principles of Engineering Management & Economics 4
 BAS-018 Aircraft Safety and Maintenance Engineering 4
 BAS-019 Aircraft Instruments 4
 BAS-020 Basic Control Theory 4
 BASL-018 Lab-17 (Basic Control Theory) 3
 BASL-019 Lab-18 (CAD-CAM ) 3
 BASL-020 Professional Training / Report Writing / Presentation 6

Seventh Month

CourseCodeCourse NameCredits
 BME 006 Mechatronics 4
 BAS-021 Environmental Science 4
 BAS -022 Composite Materials 4
 BME 007 Quality Engineering 4
 BMEL 002 Lab-19 (Mechatronics) 3
 BASP-001 Project 9

Eighth Month

CourseCodeCourse NameCredits
 BAS-023 Aircraft Design / Launch Vehicle / Rocket Design 4
 BAS-024 Introduction to Rockets & Missiles 4
 BAS-025 Space Dynamics 4
 BASP-002 Project on Aircraft Design /Launch Vehicle or Rocket System Design 10
 BASE-001 Helicopter Engineering 4
 BASE-002 Rocket Propulsion 4
 BASE-003 High Speed Aerodynamics 4
 BASE-004 Flight Testing 4
 BASE-005 Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics 4
 BASE-006 Finite Element Method 4
 BASE-007 Microprocessor 4
 BASE-008 Applied Industrial Aerodynamics 4

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