IGNOU Courses Syllabus

IGNOU MA Psychology Syllabus, IGNOU MAPC Syllabus

IGNOU MA Psychology Syllabus, IGNOU MAPC Syllabus:

The Indira Gandhi National Open University provides the IGNOU MA Psychology Syllabus or detail of the courses in the prospectus. The university has also published the related courses of MA Psychology programme on its official website as well. It’s a two year Master Degree programme in which students has to complete total of 64 credits to complete it. Do you want to know about IGNOU MA Psychology Admission?

For the student’s convenience, we have published the latest and recently updated IGNOU MA Psychology Syllabus structure on our website as well. The students will be also able to check out the credits associated with each course. Some of the IGNOU MA Psychology courses are of 4 credits whereas some are of 8 credits. It will be good to know about the credits of any course so that you can plan your studies accordingly. Here 1 Credit is equivalent to 30 study hours.

Here, we have updated the IGNOU MA Psychology syllabus or subjects year wise. We have provided the details about the course such as Course Code, Course Name and Credits. Also, we have mentioned that which course is compulsory and which one is not.

By knowing the IGNOU MA Psychology Course Name, you will get the clear idea about what is inside the course syllabus. It will help you in choosing the course. If you still feels, you are unable to decide which course to choose then you should visit your respective IGNOU Regional Centre to seek help from counselors.

IGNOU MAPC First Year Syllabus

Course Code Course Title Credits
MPC-001 Cognitive Psychology, Learning and Memory 4
MPC-002 Life Span Psychology 4
MPC-003 Personality: Theories and Assessment 4
MPC-004 Advanced Social Psychology 4
MPC-005 Research Methods in Psychology 4
MPC-006 Statistics in Psychology 4
MPCL-007 Practicals: Experimental Psychology and Psychological Testing 8

IGNOU MAPC Second Year Syllabus (Choose any one group)

Course Code Course Title Credits


MPCE-011 Psychopathology 4
MPCE-012 Psychodiagnostics 4
MPCE-013 Psychotherapeutic methods 4
MPCE-014 Practicals: Clinical 6
MPCE-015 Field Work 8
MPCE-016 Project 6


MPCE-21 Counseling Psychology 4
MPCE-22 Assessment in Counselling and Guidance 4
MPCE-23 Interventions in counseling 4
MPCE-24 Practicum in Counselling Psychology 6
MPCE-25 Internship 8
MPCE-26 Project 6


MPCE-31 Organisational Behaviour (OBY) 4
MPCE-32 Human Resource Development (HRD) 4
MPCE-33 Organisational Development (OD) 4
MPCE-34 Practicum: Industrial and Organisational Psychology 6
MPCE-35 Internship 8
MPCE 036 Project 6
Total Credits 64

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