IGNOU Masters in Vedic Studies (MAVESO), Course, Admission, Eligibility

IGNOU : Masters in Vedic Studies (MAVESO), Course, Admission, Eligibility

You can get the Prospectus  from the Registrar (SR&E), IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110068 and from Regional Centres, Study Centres, and IGNOU ARMY, NAVY, AIR FORCE AND ASSAM RIFLES Recognised Regional Centres. or you can visit the university official website to download the application form and other information. You can download the IGNOU MAVESO Term End Exam Form here.

Eligibility: Undergraduate Degree or equivalent, Good Knowledge of English, Internet Skills & Access, prior background in Integral Studies. For more information, Please contact the nearest IGNOU Regional Centre in your City

Course Fee: Rs. 52,000

Note: The University will keep changing the fee from time to time and one will have to find out the details from the Study Centre/Regional Centre. Additional fee charges may apply as per University norms

  • Minimum Duration: 2 Years
  • Maximum Duration: 6 Years
  • Minimum Age: 18 Years
  • Maximum Age: No bar

Course Name :

Course CodeCourse NameCredits
 MAISI-011 Isha & Kena Upanishads 6
 MAISI-012 Aitareya & Taittriya Upanishads 6
 MAISL-023 Research/Project work/Seminars 16
 MAISL-024 Onsite Practicum/Online Teleconferencing 4
 MAISI- 002 An Introduction to Shruti Literature & the Vedic Symbolism in the Light of Sri Aurobindo 6
 MAISI -003 The Vedic Myths of Creation and the Concept of Sacrifice 6
 MAISL- 004 Research Practicum in An Introduction to the Vedas 4
 MAISI-017 Introduction to the Vedic Paradigm of Knowledge: Myth of the Rising Sun 6
 MAISI-018 The Study of the Hymns to Surya-Savitri in the Rig Veda in the light of Sri Aurobindo 6
 MAISL- 019 Research Practicum in Hymns to the Rising Sun 4
 MAISI-025 Vedic to Post-Vedic Epistemologies 6
 MAISI-026 Analysis of Sanskrit Language 6
 MAISL-027 Research in Sanskrit 4

 Related Information: For admission queries and other details contact- admin@integralstudiescentre.org

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