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IGNOU MBA Study Material – Master of Business Administration

IGNOU MBA Study Material, IGNOU MBA Study Material Free Download, IGNOU Study Material Fee pdf – Master of Business Administration

The Indira Gandhi National Open University provides free IGNOU MBA study material in the form of blocks to all its Students who enrol them for this programme. Each student is provided with the hard copy of Study Material and Books.

The university sends the IGNOU MBA study material to students via courier or post. Sometimes the students have to collect it themselves from their study centres as well. So, In case if someone does not receive his or her study material at home via post, then he/she can collect it from their respective IGNOU Study Centre.

IGNOU MBA (Books) Study Material

Also, the students can download the soft copy of study blocks from the university official Website. We have provided the direct link below where you can download IGNOU MBA Study Material. The students just need to Sign up / register there and then log in and search for the study material of the programme they are looking for.

The students can download IGNOU Study Material of MBA programme for the Following Courses from university official website:
MS-01, MS-02,  MS-03,  MS-04,  MS-05,  MS-06,  MS-07,  MS-08,  MS-09,  MS-10,  MS-11,  MS-21,  MS-22,  MS-23,  MS-24,  MS-25,  MS-26,  MS-27,  MS-28,  MS-41, MS-42,  MS-43,  MS-44,  MS-45,  MS-46,  MS-51,  MS-52,  MS-53,  MS-54,  MS-55, MS-57,  MS-61,MS-611,  MS-612,  MS-62,  MS-63, MS-64,  MS-65,  MS-66, MS-68,  MS-91, MS-92, MS-93,MS-94,  MS-95,  MS-96,  MS-97

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