IGNOU MSc in Life Science (MSCLS) Admission Eligibility

IGNOU M.Sc. (Life Science) Admission, IGNOU M.Sc. (Life Science) Admission Procedure, IGNOU MSc in Life Science (MSCLS) Admission Eligibility

You can get the Prospectus  from the Registrar (SR&E), IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110068 and from Regional Centres, Study Centres, and IGNOU ARMY, NAVY, AIR FORCE AND ASSAM RIFLES Recognised Regional Centres. or you can  Click here for Common Prospectus to know  more details about the course.

Eligibility : 

i) BSc (3 yrs) Degree after 10+2 with Major/Honours in Life Sciences and any other related life science discipline/Biosciences/Botany/ Zoology


BSc General/Pass degree with Life sciences/Biosciences with Botany and Zoology (equal weightage)as two of the three main Subjects.

ii) At least 50 per cent marks in aggregate or an equivalent grade for General candidates and 45% marks for SC/ST candidates.

Course Fee: Rs. 5,000/- (Note: Programme fee of  Rs. 5000 is per semester plus other charges (lab, registration, library, caution money charges as decided by the university from time to time))

Minimum Duration: 2 Years
Maximum Duration: 5 Years

Minimum Age: No bar
Maximum Age: No bar

Courses :

First Semester

CourseCodeCourse NameCredits
 MLSC-001 Biochemistry 3
 MLSC-002 Cell & Molecular Biology 3
 MLSC-003 Genetic & Molecular Evolution 3
 MLSC-004 Biophysics 3
 MLSCL-012 Life Sciences Practical-I 6

Second Semester

CourseCodeCourse NameCredits
 MLSC-006 Ecology 2
 MLSC-007 Microbiology 2
 MLSC-008 Plant Diversity 3
 MLSC-009 Plant Physiology 3
 MLSC-0010 Plant Developmental Biology 2
 MLSCL-011 Life Sciences Practical-II 3
 ML SCL-012 Life Sciences Practical-III 3

Third Semester

CourseCodeCourse NameCredits
 MLSC-013 Animal Diversity 3
 MLSC-014 Animal Physiology 3
 MLSC-015 Animal Developmental Biology 2
 MLSC-016 Immunology 2
 MLSC-017 Biostatistics 2
 MLSCL-018 Life Sciences Practical-IV 3
 MLSCL -019 Life Sciences Practical -V 3

Fourth Semester

CourseCodeCourse NameCredits
 MLDL-014 Dissertation 8
 OSEI-004 Safety & First Aid 3
 MLSC-021 Seminar I & Seminar II(based on specialization) 1
 Specialisation Packages Package I Plant Related (any 3 can be taken from this group)
 MLSCE-031 Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture & Transformation 3
 MLSCE-032 Horticulture, Floriculture & Landscaping
 MLSCE-035 Economic & Ethnobotany 3
 MLSC E-036 Animal Systematics & Molecular Taxonomy 3
 Specialisation Packages Package II Animal Sciences Courses
 MLSCE-037 Comparative Endocrine Physiology & Reproductive Biology 3
 MLSCE-038 Animal Behavior 3
 Specialisation Packages Package III Entomology
 MLSCE-039 Insect Diversity 3
 MLSCE-040 Insect Ecology & Pest Management 3
 MLSCE-041 Insect Toxicology &Pesticide Regulation 3
 MLSCE- 041 Insect Toxicology & Pesticide Regulation 3
 Specialisation Packages Package IV Nematology
 MLSCE-042 Nematode Diversity 3
 MLSCE-043 Nematode Pest Ecology 3
 MLSCE-044 Plant Interaction &Nematode Management 3
 * All optional courses may not be offered at any given time


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